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Beauty Parlour in Leicester

Ani's Hair & Beauty Salon is the Top Beauty Parlour in Leicester!

When it comes time to treat yourself right, you should start by getting pampered at the best beauty parlour in Leicester. Ani's Hair & Beauty Salon is a full-service beauty salon that offers a variety of hair and beauty services. Whether you are looking for natural hair braiding and hair extensions or eyebrow threading and tinting, you'll be able to find the treatment that leaves you glowing. Today, we want to introduce you to the hair services available at one of our favorite hairdressers in Leicester.


Let's start our beauty and wellness journey by stepping through the digital doors of Ani's Hair & Beauty Salon. Once on the official website, you'll find the Booking Room which contains a variety of incredible haircare services. Ani's Hair & Beauty Salon specializes in natural hair care, bobs and braids, and weaves. If you are looking for a more elaborate salon experience, you might instead want to opt for the Hair Treatment + Relaxing Set. This treatment option is discounted for new customers so that you can enjoy your hair steamer, setting, and relaxation process all at once.


After your hair treatment is complete, consider rounding out your experience with the best hairdressers in Leicester by enjoying a facial treatment. This thirty-minute treatment allows you to sit and relax as a professional gives you the pampering treatment that you deserve. Ani's Hair & Beauty Salon offers a variety of different facial spa treatments, so make sure to spend some time discussing your beauty needs while booking your appointment.


Taking care of your hair, skin, and nails is just an extension of your overall health and wellness. Don't subject yourself to an experience that doesn't leave you glowing with satisfaction! Ani's Hair & Beauty Salon offers online bookings and a digital store for you to browse. Contact their team today to take care of your beauty needs!

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